Traditional Jute Product


The 100% natural fiber jute has found popularity not just in the handicrafts sector but also in the industrial market. Jute is being used to make Industrial goods. Spacious and eco-friendly, Traditional products are used for different purposes.

Jute Hessian Cloths

Hessian cloth is generally used for packing or wrapping materials for agricultural products such as wool, cotton and tobacco and also in the upholstery industry.

Jute Sacking & Hydro Carbon Free Bags

Sacking bags are mainly used to pack food grains, sugar and cement. These bags can also be made eco-friendly and bio-degradable, these bags are safely processed with vegetable oil.

Jute Hessian Bags

Plain Hessian bags are totally bio-degradable and easily blend with the environment.

Jute Yarn, Twine & Tapes

Jute yarn, available in different colors and compositions, is used in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread etc. Jute Tape/Webbing is a strong, narrow, closely woven fabric used especially for seat belts and harnesses or in upholstery.

Jute Geo-Textiles

Jute Geo-textiles are flexible, foldable, not very biodegradable, and water-resistant in nature, particularly suitable for rain-fed, flood-prone climatic conditions.

Juco Fabric

Juco is made from 75% jute and 25% cotton. It has been developed to take the best properties of both jute and cotton to create an eco-alternative.