Jute Hessian Fabric

Jute Hessian Fabric

Hessian Jute Fabric or as some call it Burlap, We always try to maintain stock in a range of colours, finishes, weave and textures. Excellent carbon foot print eco-friendly and naturally biodegradable.

Hessian fabric has many varied uses, commonly used in educational schools and colleges, domestic, exhibition trade, agriculture, the construction industry and for industrial applications, some of the uses are

  • Notice board

  • Wall covering

    Hessian fabric 305 Gsm

  • Art & Craft

  • Interior design

  • Decor

  • Rug making

  • Upholstery

  • Carpet backing

  • Sacking

  • Flood defence sand bags

  • Beekeeping

  • Wrapping exposed roots when transplanting shrubs and trees

Hessian fabric as a thermal protection in the construction industry, because of its durability it is a popular choice of material amongst bricklayers for keep the frost away during laying bricks in cold weather, also works well as an overnight cover when laying concrete floors.

Common Uses of Hessian Jute Fabric

In addition to its use for storing and shipping foodstuffs, hessian jute enjoys roles in a number of other industries, including fashion, art, construction, and furniture. From carpets and rugs to bags and purses, this rough fabric has found its way into many of the industries we utilize on a daily basis. And most people are unaware of its lesser-used, yet vitally important functions. Here is a look at some of the less visible ways that hessian jute fabric is used.

  • Hessian Jute Fabric in Furniture

Thanks to its widely recognized strength and durability, hessian jute has grown popular in the construction of various pieces of furniture. In particular, upholstered items (including couches and easy chairs) often incorporate hessian jute to cover spring structures and even inner frames. In these contexts, the fabric offers added support, which can prolong the life of the furniture considerably.Hessian jute is also commonly used in floor coverings, including carpets, rugs, and even linoleum tiling. A backing layer of hessian jute has been shown to improve the strength and durability of such coverings, making it a popular and inexpensive way to boost functionality.

  • Hessian Jute Fabric in Construction

In addition to boasting unusual strength, hessian jute has the ability to withstand repeated soakings and drying without losing any of that strength, making it an ideal fabric for use in the construction industry. One of the most common uses for hessian jute fabric in this field is as a temporary covering for new cement. After laying the cement, construction workers often cover it with a layer of hessian jute, and then wet the fabric down. This process prevents the concrete from drying too rapidly, which can lead to cracks and other problems.

  • Hessian Jute Fabric in Art and Fashion

While hessian jute’s rough texture has made it unpopular for most types of clothing, some fashion and art aficionados incorporate the fabric with great success. Bags and purses made with hessian jute, for example, can convey a rugged or natural feel without causing the undue comfort that would result from wearing the cloth too close to the skin.In home décor, too, hessian jute adds a rustic note and an interesting texture to interiors. Home decorators have used hessian jute in pillows, curtains, and other accents with great success. Another benefit of using hessian jute in home decorations is that it can easily be decorated and adapted: the material holds paints and dyes well, making it highly adaptable to any color scheme.In addition, it is generally inexpensive to purchase, making it a budget-friendly fabric for many household projects. For this reason, it is widely used to add a healthy dose of décor to any household, even the budget-conscious, thrift shopper.

Hessian Jute Fabric

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